Where to get your Pan-Asian food in Vijayawada?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Vijayawada’s first Pan-Asian restaurant, ‘Wugan Restaurant’ at Novotel Varun Vijayawada is your right pick whether you’re enjoying a stay in their hotel or stopping by for a delicious meal or a hungry gourmet who likes to try out exotic and traditional Pan-Asian cuisines.

The Novotel Vijayawada team is also super elated to re-open the doors of Wugan restaurant that had been closed due to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Wugan is all set to bounce back perfectly with a brand new revamped menu for your elevated Pan-Asian culinary experience.

“Wugan means ‘five senses’ : the sight, sound, smell, touch and taste and we want every customer at our restaurant to fully experience them all through our soothing ambience, music, service, while nibbling on lip smacking Pan-Asian food” says the team of Novotel Vijayawada.

This elegant Wugan restaurant housed in a luxury hotel Novotel Varun Vijayawada offers authentic chinese indoor seating covered in subtle blue and white with tasteful furnishing that is pleasing to the eyes. With its soothing ambience, music and great service, the restaurant will convince you to order an extra plate of dessert.

The most exciting thing about Wugan’s restaurant is its varied and innovative menu, with food inspired by street vendor carts across Asia. You’ll find Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and even Singaporean street-style cuisines on the menu bringing the best of Asia to the table.

Apart from the popular wok-tossed delicacies and the delicately steamed wonders, for those who like their food straight from the iron griddle, Wugan also has ‘Teppanyaki’ on its menu (for those who don’t know; Teppanyaki is a post–World War II style of Japanese cuisine that refers to dishes cooked using a teppan and iron griddle)

Along with these delectable dishes, they also serve some interesting cocktails and mocktails.

Price for two: Rs 2,500 (approx), without alcohol

Address: Novotel Vijayawada Varun, Bharthi Nagar, Opp to Sentini Hospital, 52000.

SO what are you waiting for? Call a cab and get going! Don't keep the food waiting ;)

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