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From songs to poems and novels to movies and from philosophers to writers, LOVE is our favorite topic for generations. Loving without boundaries has been an age-old concept since the period of evolution and ancient lords, kings, courtesans and peasants had fought wars and built castles and forts to exhibit their love for one another.

‘Love’ - an intense feeling of euphoria and deep affection for someone or something, being the most complex emotion in mankind is most often said to be indescribable in words. And this love is something that best describes the story of the café PRISA.

It all started with a classic engineering love story between a CSE girl and a Mechanical boy that we have all heard about at least once in our lifetime. From the classrooms of their engineering college, the girl decided she didn't want to do coding for life and the boy decided he didn't want to do mechanics for life either. As two good friends, they soon realized how much their interests lineup when it comes to starting their own business together and that eventually led them to fall in love with each other. Their affection grew as they talked more about establishing their name out there as life partners who are also business partners indeed. And together they made a life altering decision to pursue their dreams by pursuing an MBA in Bangalore.

PRISA- PRIya and SAtish

As a couple they enjoyed going out on dates during weekends with their saved up allowances and spent quality time together in Bangalore. But unfortunately, they found no such places in Vijayawada which were less expensive with no fuss and are hassle-free. Over the years, their love grew so did their passion to solve the most quintessential problem not just for couples looking for a delightful place to spend time together but also for any person who seeks to spend some quality time with their family or hangout with their friends in peace or have a mindful conversation with someone while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Their constant search for a new place in Vijayawada in due course became an idea which later turned into a wonderful business proposition.

And that's how Prisa came into life and if you are still wondering why the name PRISA?

It's because Prisa is an embodiment of love between two beautiful couple - ‘Priya and Satish

When I asked Priya, why a cafe, why not a restaurant or something else?

She told me that Prisa cannot be called just a cafe or cannot be categorized into that typical hi-end, expensive cafe limited only to upper class youngsters. She wanted Prisa to be a place where everybody would want to come to have a calm and relaxing time. She even expressed this line in telugu that I couldn't get it out of my head from the moment I heard it -

“Prisa ki vachi prasanthamga kurchovali ani andharu anukovali”

English translation: everybody should visit prisa to find their inner peace.

To ensure that every customer has that peaceful experience here, they made sure to customize Prisa’s ambience all by themselves without the help of any interior designers.

Both Priya and Satish established the entire Prisa with the colours green and white along with a good amount of plants and trees surrounded by you.

Prisa ki vachi prasanthamga kurchuna nenu

Social media platforms being embedded as an important part of our life, we all want to be socially present to feel included. And to make sure that happens we all need pretty pictures with cheesy captions. Prisa keeping that in mind made the cafe picture perfect, so that every person that visits this café gets an instagram worthy picture with their emerald grassy green background.

Two cozy couple seats for a beautiful date night.

And honestly, who doesn’t like a good photoshoot, right?

A click from the mini photo shoot I had at Prisa Café

Being stuck in a pandemic is bad, but having to work everyday during the pandemic is worse. And turning our bedrooms also into our workspace and feeling stuck between a box of four walls is beyond worse. Prisa being thoughtful about this, set up a workspace for everyone, who wants to step out, take a breath of fresh air and work at their cafe as long as you want while nibbling on their mouth-watering food.

And most important of all, if a family would want to spend a good amount of time in a soundless and undisturbed place, their only destination is restaurants or parks, because cafes are almost always exclusive to youngsters and at the same time stigmatised to be a lot expensive for a middle class family to enjoy. But at Prisa, the café is made to be for everyone who wants to spend their family evening without having to spend an enormous amount of money.

A family spending their lovely evening.

Infact, prisa invites you and your family to have an engaging conversation to resolve any long-standing misunderstanding between family members by breaking the misconception that cafes are not for families and kids.

They even have several games placed at their café, so you can enjoy your family time even better with your phones aside by engaging in old-school games such as Snake and ladder, chess, ludo, jenga etc.

Me and my friends playing multiple games while enjoying our time together


Even though Prisa is all about finding your inner peace surrounded by greenery, solace and spending quality time with your beloved. It is also about delicious, mouthwatering food at affordable prices with every bowl being at a quantity of a single portion, which is more than enough for one person to eat.

My favourite combo- Hakka noodles and Chilli chicken from Pride Foods at Prisa

Prisa makes you have a choice by letting you choose your own food combo or choose between multiple flavours of melting scoops of organic ice creams to melt all your chaos from your mind and life.

Bubblegum Iceberg Ice cream at Prisa

They collaborated with one of the most famous brands of ice cream i.e; Iceberg Ice creams - which has several different scrumptious flavours of organic ice creams. Iceberg Ice creams with no added chemical preservatives with all their colors being made with soya colors is 99.3% organic (fun fact- even though the most organic ice creams cannot be made fully organic due to the added chocochips such as dark choco chips, chocolate chocochips, white chocolate chocochips etc. that are so hard and very rare to be made organic)

The integrity and the honest specification that is offered by Iceberg Ice creams perfectly aligned with Prisa’s principles and immediately they decided to bring Iceberg Ice Creams to Vijayawada through their café.

Since they couldn’t find any other unique brand that they could franchise to vijayawada that is already not present here. They went with Pride foods, which is owned by none other than- his Best Friend. The owner Satish was beyond happy to support him and include his best friend in Prisa and take their friendship to partnership by introducing Pride foods brand’s appetizing food in Prisa at such a price that even students could afford it.

You can customize any food variety over here through combos and Prisa will make it the best and serve it to you.

Customise your combo

What are you waiting for? Take your loved ones to Prisa café and show them how much you love them by spending some quality time with them!

LOCATION - D.No 59-11-7/1, Beside Bakers Inn VSN Mall, opp. to Kushal’s Jewellery, Gayatri Nagar, Benz Circle, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520008

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