Pick any dish from this Chinese Restaurant and it will blow your mind!!

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As a food blogger, I come across tens of new food places or restaurants everyday and some days even more. While I do screen them regularly, considering a general opinion of my friends, family and myself. I recommend only a handful of recipes from any particular restaurant for you to try through my blogs and Instagram. But it is extremely rare for me to say that you can pick any dish from the menu of this restaurant and that it won’t disappoint you. And there- I HAVE SAID IT!!

The opening shot of Nanking Premuim

As NANKING PREMIUM, Vijayawada is the one and only place that I have come across recently where I loved each and every item on their menu. I definitely had a hard time choosing the best one out of all the Chinese delicacies I had eaten over there. Even in these past few days I have visited Nanking Premium several times as I wanted to try more new items on their menu and also because I craved for their best seller soup, to know what’s the name of the soup, keep reading.

Nanking Premium's alluring ambience

What is Nanking Premium?

Nanking Premium is a Chinese exclusive restaurant offering only traditional Chinese cuisines. Being recently started out in Vijayawada they deliver Chinese food directly to your doorstep through Zomato but the authentic Chinese vibes you can get while experiencing their food over there with their intriguing ambience with red walls representing the respect for the Chinese intricacy and elegant red single sofa chairs makes you feel unlikely that you are in Vijayawada.

Beautiful red all around you

Seating space at Nanking Premium

And to top it all off you also get a scintillating and a serene view of Moghalrajpuram hill from the glass doors of Nanking Premium which is located on the sixth floor. You can get more location details at the end.

The view from the glass doors of Nanking Premium

Glass roof at Nanking Premium

Why did Nanking Premium start in Vijayawada?

A group of friends from different localities who are connected by their profound love for Chinese food had spent most of their time in Chinese Restaurants hanging out. They absolutely loved to visit different Chinese restaurants and to try different Chinese cuisines. After experiencing years of Chinese food and spending time together in Chinese restaurants in various Indian states, as they travelled back to their hometown Vijayawada, they felt as though there was an insatiable void that could not be fulfilled with nothing but their favourite authentic Chinese food.

Chinese vibes at Nanking Premium, Vijayawada

And just like that they thought about all the people who are in need of some purely Chinese food that is not Indo-Chinese and that is not served on the local street noodle stop.

As they always say, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’

-Plato, Greek Philosopher

Nanking Premium had been nothing of a business but more of a necessity by a group of friends. A purely Authentic Chinese restaurant born out of the necessity to taste and experience Chinese food in Vijayawada.

And that's how Nanking Premium had started.

Seating area at Nanking Premium

What to eat at Nanking Premium?

Within the plethora of mouthwatering Chinese cuisines available here, these are the items that I loved the most which made me want to visit Nanking Premium again.

And the prices are perfectly compatible with the quality and quality of the food.

Food at Nanking Premium

1. Ginger Fish

Ginger Fish (Semi Dry) - Rs. 525/-

2. Chicken Pakoda

Chicken Pakoda - Rs. 400/-

3. Spl. Mixed Soft Noodles

Spl. Mixed Soft Noodles - Rs. 360/-

4. Prawn Pakoda

Prawn Pakoda - Rs. 425/-

5. Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks (10pcs) - Rs. 360/-

6. Non-Veg Lung Fung soup:

Last but the most important one:

I STRONGLY recommend everyone to try this soup before you dive into Nanking Premium's menu of starters and main courses.

Non-Veg Lung Fung Soup - Rs. 130/-

Where is Nanking Premium located in Vijayawada?


GJMR Square , 6th floor, Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

A beautiful Buddha Statue at the entrance of Nanking Premium, Vijayawada

So, what are you waiting for?

Go to this place and have your own splendid Chinese experience in Vijayawada.

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