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I wake up everyday at around 11am or 12am since my work requires a lot of undistracted time to focus on my writing, so I usually utilize my night- time to burn the midnight oil. And after spending all of my energy on writing, it becomes a morning ritual for me to hit the snooze button on my alarm at least five times or some days even more. But today I woke up even before my alarm started ringing because I was way too excited and couldn’t hold my enthusiasm anymore as this was my first collaboration in ages.

At the same time I had a little voice of disappointment in the back of my head as I was going to visit just another Biryani point in Vijayawada. Being born and brought up here in Andhra Pradesh, a South Indian state where modern biryani is developed in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire, Biryani is considered as an important and most usual dish that every restaurant offers here. But it all changed the moment I met the man who established Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani- Vara Naidu.

Owner of NGKB

There was something different about the way Vara Naidu carried himself that made me curious to have a conversation with him before I ordered my starter. As we sat in the cozy corner of his dimly lit restaurant with pots all around us to establish that we are in NGKB, he asked me “what do you want to eat?”

And I said “ I would like to know the story of NGKB before I munch on NGKB’s food”

He took a deep breath and started narrating his journey that led him here-

“To understand my story we have to go back to 2015, when I was still a software employee at Google, working in the adsense department. I was not happy with the job and always had a passion to start a business on my own and be the hand that feeds many people rather than the hand that takes the paycheck. Eventually, I quit my job and I started my own business called ‘Vara software solutions’ but it didn’t quite work out.

Even though ‘Vara solutions’ had my name in it, I didn't find any personal attachment with the business and maybe that's the reason it failed miserably in the first place. As I sat with my wife, who is very supportive of every one of my decisions to discuss about business ideas. We decided to start a business which was a necessity and profitable for everyone more than being just profitable for us. And we came up with three things that we are personally interested in as a means to satisfy the urge to do something that we are passionate about and at the same time that serves the needs of others. Which are: Restaurant, Ladies Hostel and a Pet Shop.

Today let's catch up about the first one, and maybe next time we'll talk about the other two while having a Bahubali thali”

It immediately gave a smile on his face and an exclamation on mine.

And I wondered, what is this bahubali thali and how is this related to Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani?

As he continued he told me all about his search for a new place to start his food truck that led the way to establishing Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani as a brand.

“I started a food truck with a very basic investment of 25K at the Food court in Vijayawada as it’s the heart of Vijayawada’s food, with my own secret recipe of Kunda Biryani in 2016. As the customer base grew with ‘n’ number requests from regular customers to enjoy Kunda Biryani even in the daytime. I took a step ahead and started a ‘Kunda Biryani takeaway outlet’.

And with just the word of mouth our takeaway outlet had started getting hundreds to thousands orders in a month. After years of constantly delivering to thousands of customers, I rented out a space in Kannur to open my own restaurant. And named it 'Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani' which is famous for its Kunda Biryani”

Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani:

The Biryani at Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani defines its name on its own without even having to take a look at the menu. At this restaurant, each biryani is made and cooked in fresh NGKBs custom-made pots and is sealed presentably with aluminium foil on order, maintaining the same authentic flavor and texture of the traditional version in every pot, just for you. It's authentic, fresh and aromatic smell can be felt the moment you open the seal to taste the magic of NGKB’s Pot Biryani.

NGKB's Custom made pots

Although their original Kunda Biryani recipe is their family’s treasured secret and has been passed down through Naidu’s ancestors, they still strive to satisfy every customer with their finest ingredients and hand crushed spices to deliver a unique taste for you to experience their mouth watering Pot Biryanis.

NGKB's Chicken Kunda Biryani

Their Pot Biryani is made of fragrant basmati rice, caramelised onions with masala layered perfectly, with a subtle hint of spices on every tender chicken piece. With all this said, I can definitely assure you that with every handful of biryani you eat NKB's Pot Biryani will be a blast of flavours on your pallet.

Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani

Besides Pot Biryani at Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani, you can also find several varieties of juicy starters to crunch on while you enjoy your Kunda Biryani- such as: Chicken 555, Pepper Chicken, Cashew Nuts Chicken, Chicken 65, Prawns Fry etc.

Apollo fish and Prawns Fry

From all these multiple starters collection I have picked out my favourites to give you a tasteful MastFoodies experience:

Cashew Nuts Chicken

Chicken 555

If you still want to explore more on their menu, you can also try which I want to the next time I visit NGKB: Joint Biryani, Lollipop Biryani, Wings Biryani.

A small FYI, Vara Naidu's favourite dish after the Kunda Biryani is Shahi Panner Biryani and it's definitely a must- try too here.

Shahi Paneer Kunda Biryani

Bahubali Thali:

As I have already told you a lot about the bestseller Kunda Biryani at Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani, let me tell you another bestseller that is worth (maybe worth one lakh rupees) trying here with your friends and families.

NGKB Bahubali Thali

Bahubali Thali has been started by quite a few restaurants in Vijayawada already. And recently Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani also established Bahubali Thali in their menu. Little did they know that they would take tons of orders on Bahubali Thali within a span of just 10-15days.

People from different cities had come to try out their Bahubali thali, which is given in a humongous plate consisting of almost 30 different items and varieties, including 1 Kunda Biryani, a bowl of Shahi Paneer Biryani, Chicken Hakka Noodles, Chicken Fry, Mutton Curry, Wings Curry, Natukodi Fry, Chicken lollipop, Prawn Fry, Paneer majestic, Crispy baby Corn, Chicken Joint, boiled egg, fried egg, an omelette, raita, dessert for one, 4 glasses of buttermilk and salad etc. and also an important add on i.e; Fried Quail bird also known as 'Kouju Pitta' in Telugu which is pretty rare to find in any Vijayawada Restaurant.

Quail Bird/ Kouju Pitta (in Telugu)

The quantity of NGKB’s Bahubali Thali is so huge that it's mostly impossible for one person to finish. This thali unquestionably can be fully shared easily between 3-4 people all for a price of Rs.1500/-

All for just 1500/-

So when you are going to try this delicious Bahubali Thali at Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani, don’t forget to take your friends and family with you.

Or if you are like me or joey in friends who doesn’t like to share food (screaming inside- JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD), you can join the NGKB’s Bahubali Thali challenge and WIN A WHOOPING ONE LAKH RUPEE CASH PRIZE.

First Winner of 1 LAKH Cash prize

So if you have the capacity to gobble large quantities of food in a few minutes, you can definitely visit Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani and finish the entire Bahubali Thali comprising of 30-32 items all by yourself in 30 minutes and take the one lakh rupee cheque home. Because talent is still a talent whether it's to climb an enormous mountain or gulp down an enormous Bahubali Thali.

A business man or A Philanthropist?

With Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani's expanding franchises all around our state and other states, you might expect or have a different perspective that Vara Naidu along with NGKB’s team might be totally business minded and all about customer satisfaction.

But no, Vara Naidu, along with owning an up and running business is actually a philanthropist at heart. And when I say this, I really mean it. As I started to know him and his story personally, what struck me the most is not his story or the successful establishment of NGKB but his kind heartedness. His idea of Business is not just to serve his customers but to serve anyone in need.

Vara Naidu

From an outsider perspective, we can all see the big banner boards and huge curtains of a triumphant business i.e; Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani, but the real deal stands behind those banners and curtains i.e; his charity work. As the covid hit, we all hid under our roofs and isolated ourselves to protect ourselves and our families. But unlike most of us Vara Naidu took this as an opportunity to give back something to the community that is giving him his livelihood. He delivered free food for 45 days for approximately 600 people per day. As he got to know more and more people in need through his friends, family and relatives, he started delivering food from door to door himself. As the requests grew it became harder and harder for him and his NGKB team to deliver food on time. So he started requesting the delivery executives of Swiggy and Zomato to drop his food for the people in need before they deliver the food to the person who ordered. And one day he even provided free food for approximately 450 hardworking delivery executives, who worked round the clock despite the mask, restrictions and lockdown to deliver food for us on time. All of this definitely requires a huge round of applause from all of us.

Lockdown free food distribution to Covid patients

Free food for Zomato, Swiggy delivery executives

This initiative made him realize that there are people in need of help with or without the pandemic and he did not want to stop this work that satisfied his soul. So after the birth of his beloved daughter ‘Aarav’, he started an organization under her name that supplies free food, medicines, ambulance service and oxygen to whoever is in need.

Kethia Aarav, daughter of Vara Naidu

Like any other organization you might think his organization takes donations too, but no, Vara Naidu doesn’t take a single penny from anyone to run this organization, instead he takes all out of his profits from NGKB to help others and to serve the needy.

At the end he told me a line that would definitely stay with me forever:

“The man who knows the value of hunger can only feed the hungry”

– Vara Naidu, Owner of Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani, Vijayawada.

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Location :

Kanuru Center, Do.No: 7, 52, Vijayawada Rd, Kamayyathopu, Kanuru, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520007.

Phone : 9393787847

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