Have you heard about Vijayawada's first ever 'Jar Kheer'?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

India’s most favourite dessert ‘Kheer’ is the perfect dish to celebrate a festival or to have it after a hearty dinner at home. Kheer, payasa or payasam is a type of pudding popular in Indian subcontinent. Being similar to rice payasam made in South Indian homes, this dessert is quickly made with just three basic ingredients: rice, milk and sugar. Although rice can be substituted with vermicelli, bulgar wheat, tapioca pearls, millets at times according to your personal preference. But what if you want to have kheer but don’t want to go through the entire process of preparing it? Living in such a fast paced life, you could always order it.

And what better place could you find better kheer than at ‘CANJ’S KHEER’.

Canj’s Kheer, a recently started new business is increasing rapidly, unfurling their pink little jars and delivery systems to different cities from Vijayawada to Guntur and Tenali. Today, I wanted to share my Canj’s Kheer experience with you, so you can savor the flavor virtually.

Canj’s Kheer is just like it’s caption ‘if you taste it once, you’ll want it everyday’ and it is indeed true. I have tried it and craved for it everyday. Made with perseverance, no preservatives and lots and lots of love and nuts, this delicacy is for everyone from old to young who wish to satisfy their kheer cravings.

Canj’s Kheer cooked for a consistent amount of time, with a secret recipe under qualified chefs is packed neatly in round glass jars with tiny flavor revealing tags around its neck. It is then sealed to avoid any leakage. They are delivered in eco-friendly paper bags usually within 40-45 mins after the order is placed.

From the very first bite till the end of the jar, the rich, creamy and aromatic taste of Canj’s Kheer stays and leaves you wanting for more at the end. Not being much of a sweet tooth, I have never shown interest in kheer on a personal level, but I have licked the jar clean the first time I had Canj’s Kheer. Ever since then I have ordered and re-ordered the same flavours again and again. The kheer in this handy jar is at its best when you eat it chilled, making it taste even better than usual.

And if you are diabetic or worried about ruining your diet, you can always replace refined sugar with jaggery and treat yourself to this jar of healthy dessert.

There are currently seven different flavours in Canj's Kheer, featuring the classic Sheer Khurma, authentic Rice Sail, All Almond, Kaddu ki kheer, Nut coconut, Carrot kheer and exotic Cocoa Chocolate kheer. All the flavors are subtle and have the sharp essence of cardamom, topped with various dry fruits; such as raisins, almonds, pistachios and cashews according to the ordered flavor. My favorite ones would be the ‘Sheer Khurma’, the ultimate classic with the right amount of milk and vermicelli , ‘All Almond’ which is thick and creamy and ‘cocoa chocolate’ because what couldn't be at its best with a tinge of chocolate in it.

1. Sheer Khurma

Price: Rs.149/- (Sugar and Jaggery)

2. Rice Sail

Price: Rs.169/- (Sugar and Jaggery)

3. Kaddu ki kheer

Price: Rs.149/- (Sugar and Jaggery)

4. All Almond

Price: Rs.199/-

5. Nut Coconut

Price: Rs.159/-

6. Carrot Kheer

Price: Rs.179/-

7. Canj’s Cocoa Chocolate

Price: Rs.149/-

Every flavor is individually unique and worth all the money spent.

So what else are you waiting for?

Celebrate with a happy jar of kheer today.

Order yours from www.canjskheer.in

Call or Whatsapp on: 8096318318

Instagram handle: @canjskheer

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