Street Food in Vijayawada With a Twist

Updated: Mar 1

Did you ever wonder?

Why do we sometimes step back to eat certain street foods as we walk past a food stall on the road. Though we get this instant urge to taste the food that is quite delicious to look at and at the same time smells extremely appetizing. But the moment we get closer, we immediately get hit by that ‘OH NO’ moment, when we notice the dirty and unhygienic surroundings of the stall or signs of pests, house flies and mosquitoes or when the vendor doesn’t follow personal cleanliness. At that moment, despite our temptations, we often find ourselves wondering “Is this street food safe to eat?”. And some days, we even walk away while our mouth waters from the abrupt death of our hunger. If you do relate to this in your day-today-life, keep reading, because I have found a solution for YOU.

Minerva Group, an established boutique business hotels chain in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, had started their culinary journey in 1982 and gradually branched out their horizon into six hotels under the name ‘Minerva Grand’, eleven multi cuisine fine dining Restaurants & Bars under name and style of ‘Blue Fox Restaurant’ and seven Vegetarian Restaurants under the name & style of ‘Minerva Coffee Shop’. Their downright motto being - serving high quality food at affordable pricing, complete satisfaction to its ever loyal patrons by providing one-stop hospitality solutions through their Boutique Business Hotels and F&B outlets and also offering the finest of stay and dining experiences.

Experiencing EAT STREET at Minerva Grand

Even with all the name and fame, Minerva Group still strives to keep up with their motto every single day with innovative ideas and out of the box thinking to solve the most archetypical problems of their customers, through ‘Eat Street’. As a generation living in the pandemic era, we are all craving to get out of our homes and taste our local street delicacies but being aware of that tiny virus that’s haunting our consciousness is making us unable to enjoy our regular street food hangout places.

Varieties of street food available here

So at Eat Street Minerva, you can put all your hygiene worries aside and solely focus on enjoying your street food under a fully air conditioned, well maintained, comfortable ambience. Because they make sure to serve the food on your plate safe, secure and fresh, with the benefits of complete hygience.

This place is definitely worth taking your friends and family to satiate your street palette, while avoiding the usual waiting, standing and eating on the side of the road.

Nevertheless to say this place also has cute spots that is absolutely picture perfect.

Here are some pictures I took for my Instagram post

Apart from all of this they even have a small Banquet halls which can be used to to host small kitty-parties, office functions, family gatherings etc.

Banquet Hall at Minerva Grand

When it comes to the street food that I have been talking about.

Here are a list of all the items that I have tried here:

So don't wait anymore and wonder about cleanliness and hygeine when you walk past a food stall and kill your street food cravings. Just walk into Eat Street Minerva and feast your inner mastfoodie with all the mouthwatering food offered by them, because you deserve to treat yourself every once and now.

Everything priced at around 100-200rs

Eat Street
'EAT STREET' by Minerva Grand


11-25-18,Opp.Hindu High School,KT Road Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 520001, KT Rd, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520001

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