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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Maggi Noodles have been a classic Indian snack for every mood, occasion and day of the week for a few decades now. Many of us have some of the best memories with Maggi while growing up. If you've ever lived or are living the quintessential Indian hostel life, you already know what I am talking about. And of course every amazing cook’s cooking journey started with an instant 2 minute Maggi, just like mine did (but no, I’m still not the best cook, not a cook at all, I just make egg bhurji. Does that count?)

Even though the Maggi brand had originated in Switzerland from ‘Julius Maggi’ and later was acquired by Nestle, it is universally loved and every Indian’s favourite evening snack. Maggi Noodles is perfectly convenient for any snacking occasion because it is easy to make and consume. While the basic masala maggi is a perfect way to savour all your hunger pangs which is made using Maggi’s noodle cake and the flavourful spice sachet called ‘tastemaker’.

Have you ever tried churning out innovative maggi recipes using the packets of Masala Maggi? A person from Vijayawada did and had attracted huge crowds from all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. To know more, keep reading.

Meet Premchand, a masters graduate in psychology with a passion for food, started his own Maggi Kart. He started his cooking journey with making momos and had failed miserably at it but never did he give up on his dream to create a name for himself in the food business world. Without any expertise in cooking, he started researching and experimenting with different recipes of maggi as it’s one of the cheapest and most popularly liked snack items anyone would prefer. Soon he ventured to a new kart with just a few varieties of Maggi on his menu and had got quite a lot of fame. People all around the state started visiting his kart just to get a taste of his lip-smacking Maggi varieties.

The Owner of MSC Maggie

Recently he had upgraded to a new cozy cafe that is now located near Amma Kalyana Mandapam (precise location is given at the end). So, I have tried a few best selling dishes at the MSC Maggi and would like to share my experience with you. I mean how can I authentically be a good food blogger if I don’t.

Five Maggi items that are MUST TRY in MSC Maggie Kart, Vijayawada:

Ulavacharu maggi:

Being one of the most trending recipes in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad, ‘Ulavacharu’ is included in almost every restaurant lately. This MSC Maggi’s Ulavacharu Maggi, made with Ulavalu/horse gram is highly nutritious and definitely packs an authentic punch. I am sure you are going to love this tangy Andhra touch to the regular maggi recipe.

Price: Rs. 109/- (Veg) Rs. 159/- (Non-Veg)

Ulavacharu maggi (left)

Avakayi maggi:

Summers and Avakayi always go hand in hand. Maggie when combined with freshly made spicy Avakayi can create magic, to experience that, try out this Avakayi Maggi at MSC Maggi and see for yourself this summer.

Price: Rs. 109/-

Avakaya Maggie (bottom)

Maggi pakoda:

Unlike the basic street style onion and corn pakoda, this MSC Maggi’s Maggi Pakoda contains moist and soft maggi on the inside, while adding an exciting crunch on the outside through deep fry making it a hearty snack option here. Extra mayo is added on the top to go with this spicy and crunchy pakodas to munch on.

Price: Rs. 89/-

Maggie Pakoda with Mayo

Maggi Manchurian:

MSC Maggi manchurian is one of the unique fusion recipes here. Made with Maggi noodle kofta balls simmered in tasty Indo-chinese manchurian gravy with additional taste of the tastemaker on top is definitely another must try for everyone.

Price: Rs. 109/- (10pcs) Rs.159/- (15pcs)

Maggi Manchurian (right)

Maggi Pasta:

Last but still the very best are the Pastas at MSC Maggi Kart. I have tried the ‘White sauce penne pasta’ and instantly fell in love with it’s lightly spiced aromatic white sauce tossed over the stir-fried vegetables. And I would definitely recommend every pasta lover to try it too.

Price: Rs. 139/- (price varies on the type of pasta you choose)

Extra mayo or cheese can be added to any of your preferred order for Rs.20/-

MSC's White Sauce Penne Pasta (Chicken)

Other items that are worth trying too:

Mocktails: I have tried the lime mint mojito and the blue mint mojito and I equally loved them both. It goes just perfect on the side with your choice of maggi.

Price: Rs. 79/- (for any flavour)

Mug cake: If you are a person who likes to end a delightful meal with something sweet, you can surely order this special hot-out-of-the-oven mug cake, which is MSC Kart’s recently added dessert.

Price: Rs. 99/-

Mug Cake

Colourful and delicious sprinkles on top of the mug cake

This is Must Visit place in Vijayawada for all the Maggi lovers and I’m sure even Maggi haters cannot resist but will succumb to the taste of this MSC Kart’s variety of Maggi recipes.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s the location


Now on Zomato too:


Contact number: 9010306123

Try it and thank me later :)

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